Student having an online lesson from home with a young female tutor

Trust on Tutorful

Our mission is to help students across the country find their perfect tutor. We aim to ensure that this process is simple, enjoyable, but most importantly of all, safe.

We do our best to go above and beyond when it comes to the quality of our tutors and the safeguarding of our students. We ensure that not only are we vigilant and thorough during our tutor onboarding process, but also that the support that we provide to students and parents is robust. 

Here we outline the steps we take to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students:

We have a thorough vetting process

Prospective tutors have to go through a strict application and interview process before they are accepted onto our site.

First of all, they have to complete our application form and then fill out their profile. This is assessed by our tutor team, who either decline the application at this stage, or invite the applicant for an interview. 

At the interview, the tutor will be asked about their qualifications, tutoring experience and teaching style. We not only want our tutors to be experts in their fields, we want them to be passionate about teaching. 

They will also have to showcase a lesson plan, which will help our team determine if they are the right fit for Tutorful. If all goes well, they will be invited to our onboarding seminar and will start their Tutorful journey.


We always verify identity

We require all prospective tutors to submit valid identification right at the start of the application process. We need photographic ID, as well as proof of address. If an applicant does not upload their ID, their application is rejected. It is critical to our safeguarding policy that we are able to verify the identity of our tutors - the safety of our students will always be our number one priority.


We require two positive references

We always ensure that we have two references from each tutor before their profile goes live on our site. Ideally references come from students or tutors or teachers that you’ve worked with previously. Good references talk about the qualities they see in the tutor that makes them ideal for Tutorful, and about personal experience they have had with the applicant in a tutoring capacity. 


We understand the importance of background checks

Whilst we take lots of precautions to ensure that we only work with trustworthy tutors, we understand that some parents want that extra step of reassurance. Many of our tutors have a valid enhanced DBS check, which is denoted by the badge displayed next to their name in the search results. You can filter the search results to only show tutors who are DBS checked.


We play it safe

Every tutor who creates an account must declare any criminal convictions or cautions. Our tutor team will then assess if a conviction makes them unsuitable to tutor with us, and if so, will reject their application.


We only work with experts

Whilst it is not possible for us to verify each individual tutors’ qualifications, we take precautions such as asking them to demonstrate a lesson plan in their interview, and by obtaining references so that we can be confident that they have the skills required to teach the subject. We recommend that students request to see any certificates they believe are relevant to the tuition they will be receiving at their first session with a new tutor, and we would always be happy to facilitate this if required.


We never stop the quality assurance

We don’t stop vetting tutors once they are live on our platform. Each tutor is ranked based on many factors and if their score drops below the threshold, they are no longer displayed on the platform 


We always have a backup

Our online lessons that take place in our classroom are recorded not just so that the student can watch them back for revision,, but also for safeguarding purposes. This allows us to give peace of mind to parents, so that they can know their children are safe in their lessons without having to watch over their shoulder. We would never watch any recordings without good reason, however if a parent, student or tutor ever raises a concern, we will be able to review the footage and take appropriate action.


We encourage leaving reviews

We encourage everyone to leave a review of their tutor - this helps show prospective students that the tutor is great at their job, but also that they are trustworthy, too. If a student decides to leave a bad review, that’s totally fine as we appreciate honesty and transparency, but we would always welcome them getting in touch so we can help address any concerns or issues they might have.


We truly care

We endeavour to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our students, and we aim to be as transparent as possible about how we do this. We hope that this page has answered any questions you might have, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need anything further