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Reviews for English tutors in Stourbridge

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Robert V
English tutor
Robert is highly competent academically, patient, punctual and a very friendly and helpful tutor. His flexibility and dynamism make it easy to organize lessons and to learn new things. Robert conveys subject expertise in a lucid and understandable form, he is a patient listener, and it is very easy to communicate with him. He helps me to visualize my problems and gives a lot of feedback, examples, and advice on how to improve and fix them. Thanks to Robert I believe my grades will start to improve soon.
Ilona S - Dublin, County Dublin
Eimear F
English tutor
Myself and my two daughters have found Eimear extremely helpful. My daughters lived abroad for a considerable amount of time and need to strengthen their English as they progress through the Junior & Leaving cycles. Eimear listened to my outline and spoke with my daughters too. She was very friendly and engaging allowing them to open up about where they were struggling. After the conversations she dedicated time to come up with a plan that we’re all very happy with. Would definitely recommend to anyone else seeking a tutor in English or writing in general.
Philip A - Dublin, County Dublin
Kelsey L
English tutor
I jus recently finished bout 5 weeks preparing for my JC with Kelsey..she was brilliant and very patient with me as She helped me through questions and have me understand what questions are asking from me..thank you very much..will definitely be back and recommend
Jennifer M - Dublin, County Dublin
Brian W
English tutor
Brian is a fantastic tutor. Very respectable and professional. ???
Samy D - Wexford, County Wexford
Shannon J
English tutor
Thank you Shannon, you helped my daughter Ava so much. She got a H3 in HL English and is extremely happy with her result. I was lucky to find Shannon on tutorful she is an excellent tutor, as well as her teaching ability she gave Ava confidence. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough
Patricia M - Dublin, County Dublin
Oana M
English tutor
Very good tutor helped me with my English studies
Sabina S - Dublin 8, County Dublin